February 12th-16th, 2018

Day 1: Planting the Right Seeds

Youtube: Mighty to Save

Opener: Have you ever planted a garden? What was it like?

Galatians 6:7-10

Commentary: When you plant beans, you expect beans to grow there. What you planted is what grows. Our lives work the same way. If we’re surprised at problems and pain, we might look if we’ve planted seeds of sinful attitudes and actions. We know as we plant seeds of kindness, goodness, and righteousness, the harvest will great.

Challenge: What seeds are planted in your life by your conversation?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that we can plant new seeds today. Ask him to put a guard over you.


Day 2: Small Talk

Youtube: King of My Heart

Opener: What do you talk about with a person you just met?

Ephesians 1:17-19

Commentary: Do you know about small talk? That’s when you talk to people you barely know about unimportant things. The weather. TV shows. The price of gas.  The problem is that often we can make our prayer time small talk. Bless this day. Heal my boo boo. God cares about all areas, but he really wants a deep friendship with you.

Challenge:  What do you talk about only to people you really trust?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for being close to us.  Ask Him to help you grow close to Him.


Day 3 : Bright Lights

Youtube: Alive

Opener: Have you ever been in a place where it was really dark for a long time?

Philippians 2:14-16

Commentary: Jesus called us light, saying we are part of his work to break through darkness in the world. We are to shine the light on truth and show people how to get back to God. We are living examples on the difference that Jesus makes.

Challenge: Where do you see darkness in your city, school, or neighborhood that needs light?

Prayer Focus : Thank God for sending Jesus as light into the world. Ask Him to help you shine in your world.


Day 4: Still Growing

Youtube: Alabaster (Rend Collective)  

Opener : In what ways have you been growing in the last year?

Colossians 2:6-8

Commentary: Imagine if a baby just stayed a baby, never growing up. When they’re four and still look like a newborn, you would think, “Something is terribly wrong.” Something is wrong with Christians who don’t grow too. We’re meant to know God better and it will show in our lives, how we speak and how we act.

Challenge: What kind of spiritual food helps us grow?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that He created you to grow. Pray that he will show you areas to grow in.


Day 5: First One Up

Youtube: Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective)

Opener: Who’s the first one to wake up in your family?

1 Thessalonians 4:17-18

Commentary : Do you like to wake up before everyone else in your house? We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection because he was the first one up from the grave. His was the first body to come back to life permanently. One day every believer that has passed away will get a new resurrected body just like Jesus.

Challenge: What do you think will be the best parts of having a resurrected body?

Prayer Focus: Thank the Lord that what we see now is just a shadow of what we will be.



February 5th-9th, 2018

Day 1: Promises

Youtube:  All of your Promises

Opener: If you could have one wish granted right now, what would it be?

Romans 15:11-13

Commentary:  Some people make wishes when they blow out candles or see a single star. Usually they pretty sure it won’t happen. But we don’t have cross our fingers, hoping God will keep his promises. He is faithful to do all he promised he will do? 

Challenge:  What promises of God do you find it difficult to be confident in?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for His faithfulness.


Day 2: Self Test

Youtube:  Search my Heart

Opener:  How do you feel when you have a test coming up?

2 Corinthians 13:5

Commentary: Many diabetics have to prick their finger every day to test the level of sugar in their blood. The Bible says we need to test ourselves and see if we have genuine faith. Here are some questions. “Am I trusting Christ to make me right with God or am I looking to my works? Is there evidence of the Holy Spirit making me new? Do I see the fruit of the Spirit in me? 

Challenge:  What kinds of changes take place when someone becomes a believer in Jesus?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for His Holy Spirit to show us our true heart condition.


Day 3: GPS

Youtube: Surrender

Opener: Tell of a time you realized you were lost? 

2 Corinthians 7:8-11

Commentary: Have you ever ridden in a car with a GPS. If you’re off track it will tell you how to get back on course. Getting back on track in our normal life is called “repentance.” It’s frustrating and sad when we’re told we’re going the wrong way. But sadness is good if it turns you in the right direction.

Challenge:  Is it better to repent right away or wait until later?  Why?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that He watches us and guides our lives.


Day 4: Remember Me

Youtube: O Praise the Name

Opener: How do you usually remember the people who mean the most to you? 

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Commentary:  Jesus assigned us a special way to honor him and remember his sacrifice. It’s called Communion. The body reminds us of Jesus’ life as a human, and as he lives in us.  The wine or juice reminds us of his blood and His sacrifice for us. 

Challenge: What kinds of things do you think of during communion?

Prayer Focus:  Take time to thank Jesus for what He did on the cross and tomb.


Day 5: Family Tree

Youtube:  For All that You’ve Done

Opener:    How far back can you trace your family tree?

Galatians 3:5-7

Commentary:  Some people can trace their family tree back to a special famous person. Being a descendent of Abraham doesn’t mean we need to be Jewish. Calling Abraham family means we have to be like him in Faith, trusting God the way He did. With Abraham faith, we get an Abraham inheritance.

Challenge:  What characteristics should we share with Abraham if he’s our Father?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that he’s brought us into His family. Pray for faith to walk as Abraham did.


January 22nd-26th, 2018

Day 1: What Makes God Cry?

YouTube: Hosanna 

Opener: What sort of things make you cry?

John 11:32-36

Commentary: Why would Jesus cry about Lazarus death when he knew he would raise him from the dead? I believe those were tears of compassion for Mary and Martha, We see tears on the face of God because he feels the hurt and emptiness that death brings. He waits for the day when death is destroyed forever.

Challenge: How does it make you fee to know that there are sometimes tears of the face of God?

Prayer Focus: Pray for those you know who are grieving from death or loss.


Day 2: All the Same?

YouTube: This I Believe 

Opener: What beliefs about God have you heard that are different then what the Bible teaches?

John 14:5-9

Commentary: What if I (Pastor Markus) invited you to my house and told you "any road will get you there?" That would be silly. But many believe that all religions are equally and will get you to the same "heaven." At the heart of each religion is a way of defining who God is. God has declared that the one way to know Him is through His Son, Jesus.

Challenge: Why do people like the idea of all paths leading to God? Why is that impossible?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for making the way to heaven through His son Jesus. Pray for those who live in darkness.


Day 3: Knowing About God

YouTube: Can't Stop your Love 

Opener: Do you know your next door neighbor? How well?

John 17:1-5

Commentary: The Bible says we are made to know God. You can know alot about God and not really know Him. In fact, you can be interested in theology and read alot of Christian books and still not know Him. You get to know someone through sharing life, talking, listening. It's similar with God. Its amazing to think He wants that too.

Challenge: Who do you know best? How did you get to know them?

Prayer Focus: Pray that you would know God more and with that to trust Him.


Day 4: Overshadowed

YouTube Holy Spirit 

Opener: Have you ever been in the middle of a cloud or thick fog?

Acts 1:7-11

Commentary: Many times in scripture, the person of the Holy Spirit comes in like a cloud. Mary was told the Holy Spirit would "overshadow" and create a baby in her womb. We need the Holy Spirit to come over us too. We can't do His work on our own, but the power of God working in and through us.

Challenge: In what ways do you need the Holy Spirit's power in your life?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to work through you in your every day life.


Day 5: God's Favorite

Youtube: Mighty to Save 

Opener: Who is your favorite person to hang around with?

Acts 10:34-36

Commentary: A test of whether or not God is at work in us is whether we show favoritism (James 2:1-4) Sometimes we treat people different based on how rich, or popular or what race they're from. As we become like Jesus, we treat all people with respect and compassion. Love means preferring one another.

Challenge: What type of people are you tempted to overlook or treat disrespectfully?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for his unconditional love. Ask Him to build that in us.



January 15th-19th, 2018

Day 1: Who is Jesus

YouTube:  What a Beautiful Name

Opener: If someone introduced you to a crowd, what would they say about you?

Luke 9:18-22

Commentary: Just like today, Jesus was known more by things that He did than who He was. Some say he was a good teacher or healer or prophet. Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do you say I am?" Peter was sure of Jesus' identity, the promised Messiah and the Son of God. He was sure of who Jesus was and that Jesus was Lord of His life.

Challenge: If you've chosen to follow Jesus, does your life show that it has?  

Prayer Focus: Thank God not just for all the things He's done for us, but for who He is.


Day 2: Keep on Asking

YouTube  O Praise the Name

Opener: When you need something from you parents, how do you usually try to get it?

Luke 11:9-13

Commentary: Because God is our Father, He wants to meet our needs. He doesn't say to keep asking or knocking because He can't hear. It's not about nagging Him until we get what we want.  God looks for a relationship with us. He wants us to share our heart and desires with Him because He loves us.

Challenge: What is the point of asking people to pray for us?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that he meets our needs every day. Pray for trust that we wouldn't give up when our prayers aren't answered.


Day 3: Walking to Jerusalem

YouTube:  King of My Heart

Opener: If you knew that you would suffer and die if you went to the end of the road, would you still go there? 

Luke 18:31–33

Commentary: Jesus knew he was going to die, by going to Jerusalem, but he did it anyway. Jesus wasn't surprise by cruel people. He offered himself up willingly as a sacrifice for sin. He sacrificed it voluntarily. Death was not his failure. Death was his plan.

Challenge: When we face something uncomfortable in life, how can looking at Jesus example help us?

Prayer Focus: Thank you Jesus for willingly dying for my sins. Just as you died for me, help me to live for you.  


Day 4: Failing Again

YouTube:  This I Believe

Opener: When you fail at something, how do you usually react?

Luke 22:58–62

Commentary: After Jesus rose from the dead, he called to Peter. Peter showed us what to do when we failed God. He dove into the water in a rush to get back to Jesus. He didn't let shame hold him back. Jesus waited for him. God welcomes people who wants to be restored when they fail.

Challenge: What are we afraid of when we fail God? Do we need to be afraid?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for His unending patience when we fail. Ask for courage when we're ashamed, to come back.  


Day 5: Adopted

YouTube:  Our God

Opener: Do you know someone who is adopted?

John 1:10-13

Commentary: God loves adoption. Even before the creation of the world, God decided he would adopt us into his own family. Everyone who believes in Him, He gives the right to become His children. We were once outsiders because of sin. Now God is our daddy and nothing can cause him to stop loving us.

Challenge: What do you think it means to be able to call God our Daddy.

Prayer: Thank God for making us part of His family.


January 1st-5th, 2018

Day 1:  God is Father!

YouTube: No Longer Slaves

Opener:  Tell a great memory you have of your dad.

Matthew 3:15-17

Commentary:  When Jesus was baptized, God said "This is my Son who I love, and I'm so pleased with Him." Have you ever thought that God likes when you recognize him as Father?  He enjoys being your Father! He chose you and you chose Him. You are His child and He loves you.

Challenge:  All through today, acknowledge God as your heavenly Father.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for making you his child.  Tell Him how grateful you are for His love.


Day 2:  God is Provider

YouTube:  You are My Portion

Opener:  How has God provided for you recently?

Matthew 6:25-27

Commentary  God loves you so much that he will provide for all your needs if you let Him.  This doesn't mean that you sit around and wait for things to land in your lap. You play an active role in what God has planned for you. God works in us and through us.  Pay attention to the direction that the Holy Spirit gives you.

Challenge:  Make a decision not to worry this week but trust God for that situation.

Prayer Focus: Thank the Father for all the blessings He’s given. Ask Him to show you His plans for your life. 


Day 3:  God is Merciful

YouTube: Rescuer

Opener:  Can you think of a time where you miraculously escaped an accident or trouble?  

Matthew 9:11-13

Commentary: Jesus was seen with people others thought were the lowest of the low.  He didn't care what they had done or what labels others had given them. He loves everyone and gives mercy to all. His mercy was good yesterday and it will be brand new tomorrow. 

Challenge:  In what ways have you experienced God's mercy?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that even though we were sinners, his mercy never fails.  As for eyes to see like He does with eyes of mercy. 


Day 4:  God is Miraculous

YouTube:  God of Miracles

Opener: Which of Jesus miracles would you want to see?

Matthew 14:15-19

Commentary:  Our God is a God of miracles.  Even today He is willing and able to reveal Himself through miracles.  He wants to take your unbelief, your fears, your burdens, and sicknesses into something extraordinary.  Lean on Him and learn to trust Him completely.

Challenge: What miracles do you need to trust God with?

Prayer Focus:  Father, help me to trust the small things as well as the big things to Your care.  I don't just want to believe. I want to expect miracles in my everyday life because You are God!  


Day 5:  God is Available

Youtube:  Amazing Love

Opener: Why do you think people brought their kids to see Jesus?

Matthew 19:13-15

Commentary: At one point, Jesus' disciples tried to stop people from bringing children to Jesus, but he said to let them come anyway.  In Mark 10: 14 - 15, Jesus said that the kingdom of God is for those who will approach him with childlike faith. God is always available for His children, for those who trust in Him.

Challenge:  Are there areas in your life you have trouble trusting God in?  What steps of childlike faith can you take?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for always being available, even when we sin or doubt.  Ask Him to help us trust Him fully.



December 25th-29th, 2017


Day 1: The Lesson of the Camel

YouTube: We Three Kings

Opener: Watch a youtube video about camels

Philippians 2:5-8

Commentary: The camel is not very beautiful, with its funny hump and knobby knees. Yet the camel is built to serve people. It’s the most useful beast in that climate and one of the first animals man has trained. Jesus didn't impress people by his looks but he made himself a servant. His servant attitude is something we all need to have. 

Challenge: Look for an opportunity to serve someone in your family today.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for teaching us by serving. Ask Him to purify our hearts to be more like Him.


Day 2: Gift of Gold

YouTube: Born Is The King (It's Christmas)

Opener: Do you have anything made of gold in your house?

Matthew 2:9-10

Commentary: We don't know the reason the wise men gave these specific gifts, but each gift can remind us of something about Jesus. The wise men told King Herod that they were looking for the King of the Jews so that they could worship Him. Gold represents royalty, a precious metal throughout history. Jesus is the King of Kings!

Prayer Focus: Remember today that you're speaking to the King above all other Kings. Glorify Him today.  


Day 3: Gift of Frankincense

YouTube: The First Noel

Opener: Each person in the family share one of your favorite smells

Hebrews 4:14-16

Commentary: Frankincense is a perfume that comes from the sap of a tree. In the Old Testament, the priests burned frankincense as worship to God. This perfume can remind us that Jesus is our Priest, the one who stands as a go-between between God and man. Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, made a way for us to get to heaven. 

Challenge: Pray for someone in need this week. If you can, pray with them.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for sending Jesus to be a mediator for us.


Day 4: The Gift of Myrrh

Youtube: O Holy Night

Opener: Is it interesting that at Christmas, we get gifts on somebody else's birthday?

Romans 5:6-9  

Commentary: Myrrh is the third gift of the wise men. After Jesus was crucified, he was wrapped in cloth saturated with myrrh and aloe. Myrrh reminds us that Jesus mission was to die for our sins. He made the way for eternal life for us.  

Challenge: What made the coming of Jesus such good news?  

Prayer Focus:  Thank Him that He laid down his life for you.


Day 5: Jesus has come

Youtube: Do You Hear what I Hear?

Opener: What was your best Christmas ever? Why?

Romans 11:33–36

Commentary: From His birth to His ascension, Jesus changed the lives of all who experienced Him. Because His love changes what it touches, He is still impacting our world. And through those of us who have been transformed by His love, He continues to reach the lost with His message of new life. Like the shepherds that first Christmas, we are His messengers.  

Challenge What is your story of how Jesus changed your life?  

Prayer Focus: Thank God for transforming your life and your family. Ask him to help in the new year.  



December 18th-22nd, 2017


Day 1: Lamb of God

YouTube: Oh Holy Night

Opener: Did you ever wish you could go back and erase something you've done?

John 1:29–31

Commentary: When we see a sheep, we can remember another name of Jesus. John the Baptist said he was "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world." By Jesus blood, not only are our sins washed away. He gives us power to change our nature. We can be totally free from sin!

Challenge: Think today about what it really means to be free in Christ Jesus.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that Jesus paid the price for our sin. Ask Him to help you serve Him.


Day 2: The Door of the Sheepfold

YouTube: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Opener: If you had a pet sheep, what would you name it?

John 10:7-10

Commentary:  Jesus said he was the door of the sheepfold . There was a special kind of sheep pen in Jesus day where the shepherds kept their flocks at night. The pen was a circular rock wall with a small open entrance. The sheep would go into the pen, and the shepherd would lie across the opening. He became the door._ 

Challenge:  Understanding the sheepfold, what do you think Jesus meant that he was the door?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for his protection and care for us.


Day 3 Angel: Glory to God

YouTube: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Opener:  Do you know anyone who has seen an angel?

Luke 2:13–15

Commentary: The angels celebrated and said, "Glory to God in the highest." They were reminding us that Jesus was fully God. All of God's perfection and beauty and wonder was now born as a person. God's holiness, His love, His compassion was wrapped in cloth in the manger.    

Challenge:  When you think of Christmas, does your mind go to presents, food, decorations, or glorifying Jesus?

Prayer Focus:  Thank Jesus for leaving heaven to take on flesh and live among us.


Day 4: Peace on Earth

YouTube: The First Noel

Opener: What's your favorite thing to do to relax?

Romans 5:1–4

Commentary: The same angels that said "glory to God" proclaimed "peace on earth," as a result of Jesus birth. This peace is available to all of us, no matter what is happening around us. There is a peace that's bigger than our stresses and problems. It can only be found in the face of Jesus.

Challenge: Take some time to be alone with Jesus today. Let his peace fill your heart.  

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for the fruit of the Spirit, made real to us by our relationship with Jesus


Day 5: The Star of Bethlehem

YouTube: We Three Kings

Opener: How many constellations do you know? Would you notice if there was a new star?

Matthew 2:1–2

Commentary: I'm not sure how the Bethlehem star worked. How did the star rest above Jesus' house? God knew how to get the attention of the wise men from the East. He influenced the stars to bring foreigners to worship Jesus. God knows how to reach people and He will work so that all will have the opportunity to know Him.

Challenge: Choose a special person in your life who needs to know Jesus. Pray for them and ask God for ways to speak to them.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for making the way for strangers to come to Him. Pray for the lost in your family and friends.


December 11th-15th, 2017  


Day 1: Away in a Manger

YouTube: Away in a Manger

Opener: Where is the most uncomfortable place you've slept?

John 6:47-51

Commentary: Maybe the cow was confused about the baby asleep in his supper.  Maybe there's a reason Jesus slept in a trough for food. During his ministry, Jesus said that he was the "bread of life." You cannot live without eating, and you can't have eternal life without Jesus.

Challenge: Do you eat good things spiritually? Are you starving or living on junk food?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for eternal life.


Day 2: The Ox

YouTube: O Come All Ye Faithful

Opener: Do you like farms? Why or why not?

Isaiah 1:2-3

Commentary: The Bible doesn't mention an ox where Jesus slept, but because of this passage, an ox is always included in the nativity. In many Ukrainian villages, the cows walk themselves home each evening. They know their master and where they live. Sadly, many people who claim to be God's, have no relationship with Him or His son.

Challenge: Help make Jesus known. Grab some friends and go Christmas caroling.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for revealing who He is through Jesus. Commit to knowing Him more.


Day 3: 1st Shepherd

YouTube: Silent Night

Opener: What's on your Christmas list?

John 10:11-13

Commentary: God may have a special place in his heart for shepherds. Not only did He announce Jesus' birth to shepherds, but Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd. This reminds us of another characteristic of Jesus. Like a shepherd will give his life to protect the sheep, Jesus gave his life for us.

Challenge: When planning gifts for Christmas, think about how you can serve another person.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for Jesus and the gift he gave us on Christmas.


Day 4: 2nd Shepherd

YouTube: Joy to the World

Opener: Do you like surprise gifts? How do you feel when you unwrap an amazing surprise?

Luke 2:8-12

Commentary: When the shepherds watched their sheep, it seemed like an ordinary night. But then the wrapping of heaven was torn open, revealing God's glory. God's glory is the demonstrating of His character. The fullness of God is displayed in Jesus.

Challenge: Why do you think God's glory is usually hidden from human view?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that we could see Him clearly in Jesus. Ask Him to reveal Jesus through us.


Day 5: Sheep

YouTube: Mary Did You Know

Opener: Why do you think God compared us to sheep?

1 Peter 2:23-25

Commentary: I spent some time with sheep. They're not the smartest animals, but I made it a point to teach them my voice. Every time I brought veggie scraps, I called out to them. You know which sheep are the smartest? The ones who stay near the Shepherd. They come when He calls. 

Challenge: What are the benefits of being a sheep in God's flock?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that he carries us close to his heart. Draw close to Him and commit to listening to Him.



December 4th-8th, 2017

Day 1: Stable

YouTube: Oh Little town of Bethlehem

Opener: Are there any famous people (or anything famous) from your hometown?

John 1:10-12 New King James Version (NKJV)

Challenge: What would it mean to make more room for Jesus in your heart, schedule or home?

Prayer Focus: Thank the Lord for coming in humility. Ask him to reveal what He wants from you for Christmas this year.


Day 2: Angel Gabriel

YouTube: Angels We Have Heard on High

Opener: How have you seen angels depicted in movies or artwork?

Luke 1:26-33 NIV

Commentary: Gabriel must have been big. In the Bible, He appeared to three people: Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary. Daniel was so afraid that he was sick for days after. Gabriel always said, "Don't be afraid." Whatever happens in this life, we can be comforted to know that Jesus is coming. This is good news!

Challenge: How does it reassure you to know that Jesus is coming?

Prayer Focus: Remember that Jesus is coming a second time. Thank the God of all comfort for both visits from Jesus.


Day 3: Mary

YouTube: Breath of Heaven

Opener: What do you think went through Mary's mind when she heard the angel's words?

Luke 1:35-38 NIV

The true test of our faith and trust comes in our obedience to God.  He didn't promise great rewards. Having this special baby would mean she would feel pain, lose her reputation. People who heard her story might even call her crazy. But Mary offered herself up to the Lord to do his will.

Challenge: Are there people in your life whom God has chosen to use in surprising ways?

Prayer Focus: Praise God for choosing us for his plans. Offer yourself to Him for His benefit, not yours.


Day 4: Joseph

YouTube: What Child is This?

Matthew 1:18-25 NIV

Commentary: Joseph is often overlooked in the Christmas story but he was chosen just as Mary was. Joseph literally adopted Jesus as his own son. I know Mary's story was hard to believe, and God sent an angel again to tell him not to be afraid. He must have felt a huge responsibility, even fleeing with his family to Egypt to save his son's life.

Challenge: What difficult things is God asking of you? Are you willing to listen?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for and pray for our Fathers


Day 5: Donkey

YouTube: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Opener: What's the longest trip you've ever taken?

Luke 2:3-7 NIV

Commentary: We don't know how Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. A donkey isn't mentioned. But the donkey is considered a humble method of transportation. There was a prophecy about Jesus coming lowly on a donkey bringing peace to the nations. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Challenge: How do you represent the Prince of Peace at home, school and work?

Prayer Focus: Worship the Lord who brings peace. Ask Him to help you bring Jesus to your world.