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The Wall 4: Family Bible Time

Day 1: X-ray

Youtube:  Good Good Father

Opener:  Have you ever thought you broke a bone? Tell the story.

Bible Reading: James 1: 22 - 25

Doctors use x-rays to take a picture of problems inside that we can’t see with our eyes. God uses His Word to show us what’s inside our hearts. As we read it, He reveals the sin and attitudes of our hearts.  Like the x-ray, the purpose is to help us heal.

Challenge: Let God put you on the examination table. With open arms, ask Him to reveal your heart. 

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the Bible that reveals every part of our heart.


Day 2: Sin and Sadness

Youtube:  O Praise the Name

Opener:  Can you think of a time you cried because of something wrong you did? 

Bible Reading:  2 Corinthians 7:10-11

After the walls were rebuilt, the people gathered together to hear God’s Word. When the people heard God’s law they realized that they had failed to obey it. They wept and cried.  Their realized that they had rebelled against God and they wanted His help to change. 

Challenge:  Why do you think people don't usually cry about their sin?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for forgiving us through Jesus blood.  Ask him to help us see sin as it is, and how it ruins our relationship with Him.


Day 3: God Rebuilds What Sin Destroys

Youtube:  Jesus We Love You

Opener:  Tell of something you made that you're really proud of. 

Bible Reading:  John 10: 9 - 11  

God didn’t just want to give Jerusalem a new wall.  He wanted to repair the hearts of the people. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy us through sin.  Jesus came to give us new life. He will heal our hearts and make us new people.   

Challenge:  What does God want to build or rebuild in you?  

Prayer Focus:  Praise God that he doesn’t give up building in us


Day 4:  Forgiveness

Youtube:  Miracles

Opener:  What’s your favorite holiday? How do you like to celebrate?

Bible Reading: Acts 3:19-21

God loves us immensely but not because of anything we’ve done. After the people repented and wept, Nehemiah told them to stop being sad. It was time to celebrate.  When our sins have been forgiven, we can be filled with joy.  The joy is even greater for us today because Jesus washed our sins away.

Challenge:  Think about what it really means to be forgiven.  What a great gift Jesus gave us!

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for the fruit of joy in our lives when we turn from sin.


Day 5:  Rebuilding my world

Youtube:  Mighty to Save 

Opener:  What’s the most important lesson we can learn from Nehemiah?

Bible Reading: Luke 4:18-19

Nehemiah heard about the problems in Jerusalem and it touched his heart. Doing great things for God often starts with a small step of faith and knowing God is with you always. In our school and work and neighborhoods, people need to be touched and healed by God. He wants us to be a part of that?

Challenge:  Open your eyes this week for people you can encourage and help bring them to Jesus.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for the people in our lives. Ask him to help us be a Nehemiah to those around us.


Day 1:  Weapons against us

Youtube Worship:  This is Amazing Grace

Read:  Nehemiah 4:1-3

Opening Question:  What’s the hardest part about being a Christian?

When you begin to do good, you can expect difficulty. The enemy's goal is to stop you from growing and attempting great things for God. When Nehemiah began to rebuild the wall, some people saw it as a threat. Nehemiah kept praying, and kept working on the wall.

Challenge: What do you think God wants you to do today for him?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that he gives us strength when we need it.  Ask Him for help for today.


Day 2: Defeating Discouragement

Youtube Video:  No Longer Slaves 

Opening:  What dream do you have for the future?  Will it be difficult?

Read:  Psalm 89:8–10

As the people began to work, they grew tired.  Nehemiah responded and said, "Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome.”  When you go through discouragement, take time to pray.  Remember who the Lord is.  Rest in his power and love for he alone is great and awesome

Challenge: Today is “No Complaining” Day.  When you want to complain, praise God for something instead. 

Prayer Focus:  Thank God he created you with purpose.  Ask Him to give you a heart of praise.


Day 3:  Building a Defense

Youtube Video:  Higher Deeper Wider

Opening:  What is your favorite worship song? Why is it important to you?  

Read: James 4:6–8

Sanballat started with insults, but it grew into a plan of attack. The walls were halfway built and thebuilders were tired. Nehemiah had a plan. He called the people to pray, and he put swords in the hands of half the workers. The enemy kept their distance because Nehemiah was wise.

Challenge: What practical ways can we protect our family from the enemy? 

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for his protection.  Ask Him for wisdom in making life choices.


Day 4: Sword in a hand

Youtube: This I Believe (Creed) 

Opener:  Do you think you could handle a sword (or a light saber?)

Read: Psalm 46:1-2

The rebuilding of the walls continued with half of Nehemiah’s men armed and ready to protect God’s people. Those who gathered the materials and brought them to the builders used one hand to carry the materials and the other hand held a weapon.  Each builder had a sword by their side as they worked.

Prayer Focus:  Ask God to help us stand firm and serve him faithfully.


Day 5:  Hatching

Youtube: Great Are You Lord

Read: Isaiah 40:29-31 

Opener: Watch a youtube video of a chick hatching from an egg

It takes a baby chick about 24 hours to break out of its shell.  You shouldn’t help it out or you would kill it. The struggle helps the chick get stronger so it will survive outside the shell.  God is good in that he allows us to struggle so that we get stronger.  As we overcome discouragement, we grow strong enough for God’s plan in our life. 

Challenge:  This week when you struggle, flex your muscles.  Remind yourself that God is making you stronger.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that He knows the future even when we can’t see it.



Day 1 Wall Inspection

Youtube Video:  Tremble
Opener: Look at expensive houses or cars on the internet. Which one do you like best?
Read: Luke 14:28-33

When Nehemiah came to Jerusalem, he secretly inspected the wall at night. He needed to see how big a project it would be. When we plan something big, it's important to "consider the cost." Following Jesus can have a big cost too. It might mean losing friends or difficult times. It means giving him everything. 

Challenge: Are you willing to give everything for Jesus?
Prayer Focus: Serving Jesus is a serious thing. Thank God for sending Jesus to lay down his life. Ask Him to help us lay down our lives for the kingdom too.

Day 2 Shining Star


Youtube:  Blessed Be Your Name 
Opener: Do you looking at the stars? Can you name any constellations?

Bible Reading: Philippians 2:14-16

Nehemiah inspired others to rebuild the broken wall around Jerusalem. Soon the people of the city were rebuilding near their homes. People of every kid began wall building. It took one person who was obedient to God to get the city to rebuild. When you begin to do good things, it inspires other people to do good too. 

Challenge: Who can you encourage around you today?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for our family and friends in his body. Pray for unity.

Day 3

Youtube:  What a Beautiful Name

Opener: Name two things you're really good at.

Bible Reading: Romans 12:3-5

Nehemiah inspired Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. But he could not build the wall by himself. It's fun to read the list of people who helped. There were priests, a goldsmith and a perfume maker. One family built the wall with their daughters. They may not have been experts in construction, but they all worked together for a common.

Challenge: Today as you talk to your friends, think about the talents they have, and what a blessing they are to your life.
Prayer Focus: Let's take time to thank God for each other today.

Day 4: Don't get Weary

Youtube Video:  You Make Me Brave

Opener: Tell of a time you started something, and found it hard to finish.

Bible Reading: Galatians 6:8-10

Text: Some things are easy to start. It's exciting to begin a new project with new ideas. Soon, the easy part is done, and you find yourself getting weary. It feels incredible when you finish a tough project because you know what you conquered. God has promised a reward for us. When we get tired, the best thing to do is to focus on what the victory will feel like at the end. 

Challenge: What project are you working on now? Are you in the excitement stage or the work hard stage? What can you do to stay strong?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for helping you, no matter what.

Day 5: Getting Comfortable

Youtube:  I Have Decided
Bible Reading: Matthew 25:37-40

Nehemiah did not allow his comfortable position in the palace replace his care for his people. He had a pretty good life as the king's trusted servant, eating from the king's plates and cups.  Being comfortable can be dangerous. It can hold you back from obeying God and helping others.  Nehemiah did great things for his people because he asked great things of a Great God, and relied on Him.

Challenge:  Smartphones and screens can lock us in a prison of comfort.  Make today a "screens off" day as much as possible and spend time with people you love.

Prayer Focus:  Pray that God would help us focus our hearts on Him and not our own comfort.


Day 1: The Ruins

Youtube Video: The Joy of the Lord (Rend Collective)

Opener: What things in your life do you protect from damage?

ScripturePsalm 18:1-3

Text:  When Jerusalem was taken over, the wall surrounding the city was destroyed. Nehemiah was sad because it left his people without protection. The wall is a symbol of strength and protection in the believer’s life.  God, and his commandments protect us from our enemy.

Challenge:  Do you follow God’s commands? Are your protective walls repaired? 

Prayer Focus:  Praise God that He is our protection. Ask him to show you where the walls need repair in your life and family.

Day 2: Subject Prayer Works

Youtube: I Will Trust in You 

Opener : What feelings do people have when they hear bad news?

Scripture: James 5:16-18 

Text:  When Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem was in ruins, he didn’t become enraged or depressed.  He fell to his knees in prayer. When bad things happen, we can respond in many ways, but only God can change things.  He will listen so don’t stop praying!

Question:  What happens to fear and sadness when we trust God?  

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for the privilege of coming to Him in prayer.  Trust Him when you ask him for great things for His glory.

Day 3:  Prayer and Praise

Youtube:  10,000 Reasons

Opener :  Everybody tell something you can praise God for.

Scripture: Psalm 100:1-5 

Text:  Nehemiah began his prayer with praise. When we pray, we need to recognize that we stand before an awesome God.  We come to God boldly, but humbly.  We recognize our complete dependence upon Him.

Question:  What does your prayer time look like? Is it mostly worship or is it asking for stuff?  

Prayer Focus:  Spend some time worshiping God for who He is.

Day 4:  Don’t Quit 

Youtube:   You Make Me Brave 

Opener :  Do you have a favorite athlete?  How much did they train to become good? 

Scripture:  Luke 11:5-10

Nehemiah was a prayer warrior. He prayed, fasted and wept for four months from the time he heard about Jerusalem. Was it because God didn’t hear him?  God heard from the beginning, but he was preparing Nehemiah for a special plan.

Question:  Are there things you’ve stopped praying for because you got tired?   

Prayer Focus:  Spend some time worshiping God for who He is and pray about topic that may have been discussed.

Day 5:  Whatever you ask

Youtube:  The Stand

Opener :  If you gave God a gift, what do you think He would want most?

Scripture:  Romans 12:1-2

Text: Nehemiah, in prayer, prepared himself to do whatever God asked him to do.  He called himself “God’s humble servant” and asked for help to do God’s work. Prayer isn’t an excuse to do nothing. When we pray, we are reporting for duty do God’s will, not our own.

Challenge:  As you pray this week, focus on “What does God want?”  Try to put “What do I want,” aside.   

Prayer Focus:  Lord, thank you for the example of Nehemiah’s prayer. Give me the humility and thankfulness to respond to your call.




Day 1: Lizards 

You Tube:  Hungry

Opener: How do you feel about lizards?

Read Acts 17:25 – 28  

Lizards seem to spend a lot of time laying on rocks in the sun, not because they’re lazy. They need massive amounts of the sun to live and be healthy. As followers of Jesus, we need to be close to Him (the Son!) to live and to be healthy. 

Challenge: Take some time every day this week just to be alone with God. 

Prayer Focus: Praise God that He is our life.

Day 2: Mary and Martha 

You Tube: I am a Friend of God 

Opener: When have you felt really busy? 

Read: Luke 10:38-42

Martha was angry because Jesus was visiting the house and Mary wasn’t helping with the housework. She complained to Jesus but He said that Mary had chosen the better thing to do. Don’t be so busy doing things that you forget Him.

Challenge: The next time you pray, notice how many distractions call you. Why do you think we are this way?

Prayer Focus: Thank God today for not just visiting, but staying with us where we go.

Day 3: Vine and Branches

You Tube: Still 

Opener: What is your favorite fruit?

Read John 15: 4-5

If you cut a branch off of an apple tree, it won't grow fruit. The branch gets water and food from the tree trunk. Jesus said that we were like branches attached to him. We may want to do great things for God, but without him we can do nothing. We spend time close to God through prayer, through worship, and through reading His Word. 

Challenge: Make a decision today to stay close to Jesus, talking to him throughout the day and listening to His voice.

Prayer Focus Thank God for choosing us to be a part of Him. Ask Him to fill you with His life.

Day 4: Trimming the Tree

You Tube: Happy Day 

Opener: Google images of big pumpkins to show to the family.

Read John 15: 1-3

The secret to growing a big pumpkin is to trim the vine so that it doesn't have extra branches. This focuses the plant on growing big "fruit" instead of growing big plants. Jesus said he did the same thing in our lives. He cuts off things that don't bear fruit so that we can bear more and better fruit.

Challenge: Are there things in your life that keep you from growing? Talk about it.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for being a good gardener. Ask him to help us to grow and stronger fruit.

Day 5: Lizards in the Bible

Youtube:  God of the City 

Opener: What creatures do you hate to see in the house? (Mine is mice)

Read Proverbs 30 24-28 (Yours might say "spiders" instead of lizards.)

There are certain places in the world (not Kyiv) where lizards are everywhere, even in the king's palace. Solomon called these creatures wise, because they were clever enough to avoid the best janitors in the kingdom. Maybe you feel as unwanted as a lizard, but God can take you anywhere, even to the thrones of the world.

Challenge: Do you sometimes judge yourself harshly? Remember the Word of God that you're valuable!

Prayer Focus: Praise God that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Ask Him to help you to remember that always.


Day 1:  Nathaniel

YouTube:  I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Question:  Did you spend time with a person and realize they were different than you thought?

Read:  John 1:44-50

Jesus said that there was nothing fake about Nathanael. That's a big compliment, especially when Jesus says it. Don't you enjoy friends who are truly honest and real with you? God wants us to be honest with Him too.  Nathaniel had doubts but he didn't pretend, and Jesus liked that.  This week, we're going to look at what it means to be "authentic".

Action Step:  Sometimes we play pretend so that people will like us.  Make a point to be authentic, and your love will be authentic too.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God for making us in his image.  Ask Him to make us authentic like Nathaniel.


Day 2:  Walk with Jesus

Youtube Video:  No Longer Slaves

Opening Question:  What does it look like when a baby learns to walk? 

Read: 1 John 2:5-10

In the Bible, the Christian life is called "a walk." It’s not just a prayer we make but a journey we’re on. We should walk in the light, obeying God’s ways. But like a baby walking, we have to learnhow to stay up and get around obstacles.  Stumbling happens, but we don’t quit. Jesus is leading us. Repent, get up, and walk with Jesus. 

Challenge:  If someone watched you all day to learn what a real Christian is, what would they see?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that He doesn't give up, but helps us when we’re weak.


Day 3  Choosing Right

Youtube:  Good Good Father

Read: 1 John 2:3-6

Disobedience comes natural. One day a dad told his kids, "I'm leaving, don't put beans in your ears while I’m gone." When he got home, all the kids had beans in both ears.  All it takes to motivate us is for someone to tell us no. Yet, people who love Jesus do what he says.  We must choose to obey, and deny our inner rebel.    

Challenge:  Today, chase after Jesus.  The more we read, discuss and fill our thoughts with him, the more natural obedience will be.

Prayer Focus:  Thank God today that Jesus obeyed His Father when he died for us.  Ask Him to help you follow Him completely.


Day 4:  What I Love Most

Youtube Video:  The Stand

Opening Question: What is your favorite “toy?” Why do you like it best?

Read:  1 John 2:15-17

Today we read that we shouldn’t love the world.  It’s not talking about the physical planet, but the corrupt way of thinking that goes against God.  Our hearts can burn for money, popularity or selfish desires so that it becomes more important than God. Jesus did the opposite. He sacrificed everything to please God and to save us. 

Challenge:  What is something of the world you are holding on to that you need to let go of?

Prayer Focus:  Praise God for giving everything for us. Ask Him to help us see what’s important in life.   


Day 5:  Look Like Daddy

YouTube: How Great is Our God

Opening Question:  Do you look more like your mom or your dad?

Read:  1 John 3:1-6

We all look like our parents in some way, our hair, eyes or nose. We also tend to speak and think like our parents, because of all the time we’ve spent with them.  The Bible says that we’re children of God.  It’s exciting to think that we will begin to look like, talk like and act more like Jesus as we grow and spend time with Him.

Challenge: Who do you want to be like? We want our lives to reflect Jesus, but does our time and effort match up?

Prayer Focus:  Thank God that we are called His children.  Ask Him to help us spend time with Him and change to be more like him.  


Andrew the Disciple // the Friendly Apostle


YouTube: You are My All in All  

Opening Question: Do you like to be on stage or would you rather hide from it?

Read: Matthew 4:18-20

Andrew is not the most famous disciple in the Bible, but he always seems to be bringing people to Jesus. You may not like speaking in front of people. But you can quietly introduce people to Jesus. God needs Andrews as much as he needs Peters.

Question: Do you ever feel like God can't use a person like you? Does Andrew help you see differently?

Prayer Focus: Thank God that He made us the way we are. How can you bring others to Jesus?

Day 2: Andrew's Brother

YouTube Video: Oceans

Super Question: In what ways are you good at helping your family?

Read: John 1:35-42

Peter was probably Jesus' most famous disciple and a powerful leader in the church. How did he find out about Jesus? The first thing Andrew did, when he discovered the Messiah, was go tell his brother, Peter. Andrew helped Peter to meet Jesus. We can do the same for our family.

Follow up question: What can you do to help your family grow closer to Jesus?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for each person in the family individually. Pray that each would grow closer in their walk with Jesus.

Day 3: Andrew and the Fish Boy

YouTube Video : Forever

Super Question: Tell of a time that you were really hungry.

Bible Reading: John 6:4-13

After preaching to 5000, Jesus told the disciples to feed the people. The disciples looked at each other, wondering how that was possible. Andrew brought the boy to Jesus with the bread and fish. He asked the question, "What can you do with so little food?" Jesus showed him. Be faithful to God and see how much Jesus can do with the little we have.

Follow Up question: Do you really think only one kid in 5000 brought food? How do you think he felt?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for providing for all of our needs. Ask him to help us be obedient to him, even when it seems crazy.

Day 4: Andrew and the Greeks

YouTube Video: To The Ends of the Earth

Question: Have you ever talked to a stranger about Jesus?

Bible Reading: John 12:20-24

One day some Greeks came to Philip, another disciple, who wanted to see Jesus. They said, "We would like to see Jesus." Philip didn't know what to do, so he asked Andrew. Andrew brought the request to Jesus. Andrew learned that Jesus didn't just come for the Jews but for all people. He became a missionary and some historians said he came to Kyiv!

Prayer Focus: Thank God that he came for ALL people. Ask him to help us share Jesus with the world.

Day 5: Reaching Hard People

YouTube Video: 10,000 Reasons

Question: Do you know anybody who definitely does not want to hear about Jesus?

Bible Reading: 1 John 3:16-18

Sometimes you have friends or family who are really hard to share Jesus with. Maybe they speak badly about Jesus or they're really mean. Don't give up on them. God's love is for people easy to love and those who are hard to love. For these kinds of people, actions are usually better than words. Pray for the hard people and just let Jesus' love shine through your actions.

Talk it Over: Who needs you to show God's love to them so they can learn about Jesus?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for loving us when we don't deserve it. Ask Him to love through us to those who are difficult.


week 2: Lessons in Mercy // Superpower called Mercy

Day 1: The Gift of Mercy

Read Acts 9:36-42

YouTube: Here I am to Worship

Super Question: What do you think your spiritual gift is?

A spiritual gift is like a super power. It's a special ability given by God to help people and build the kingdom of God. Dorcas was a disciple who had a spiritual gift of mercy. She was known for her generosity in making clothing for the poor, orphans and widows. That may not seem like much of a gift, but her generosity was so famous, when she died, they sent Peter to raise her from the dead. And he did.

Action Step: Look around this week for someone who needs mercy. What can you do to show Jesus' love in their life.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for his gifts and ask God to grow compassion in your family this week.


Day 2: Count Your Blessings

YouTube: Jesus I Believe in You

Opening Game: I Spy Why. One person names something they see around the house. Everyone else gives a different reason why it's a blessing. Take turns naming an item or person and repeat.

Read Psalm 103:1-5

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be grateful. We often complain of what we don't have, or want more of something we do have. If we took the time to look at all God's wonderful blessings, we would realize just how blessed we are. Millions of people in the world don't have clean water, electricity, Bibles, and more things that we take for granted.

Action Step: As a family, make a point for the next day not complain. Remind each other to be grateful for God's gifts.

Prayer Focus: Today, don't ask God for anything. Make only prayers of thanks during today's family Bible time.


Day 3:  Give to Others

YouTube: How Great is Our God

Opening Question: Have you ever thought something like "This is my money and I'm gonna spend it all on me?" Who are you thinking about?

Read 1 John 3:16-18

You miss the great joy that comes from helping others by spending all your time and money on yourself . Selfishness doesn’t bring you joy. It causes you to want more and more things for yourself. But when you and I are generous, God will give us everything we really need. God loves a cheerful giver.

Action Step: You might say, "I'm young and I don't have money." Brainstorm ways on how you can be generous with time, with serving others, with kind words.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for being generous with your family. Ask him to open your eyes to ways to give.


Day 4: Speaking Up

YouTube: Mighty to Save

Opening Question: Do you ever feel alone, even when surrounded by people?

Read Proverbs 31:8-9

A great way to show mercy is to "speak out." Speaking up for people means using your words to help. If you see someone pushing another kid, tell an adult. If you hear a classmate teasing someone on the playground, tell the bully why that’s wrong and then be a friend to the person being teased. It's tough knowing when to speak up, and that comes with wisdom. But God's promised wisdom to all who ask.

Prayer Focus: Thank Jesus for speaking up for us before the Father. Ask him to open our eyes to needs around us.


Day 5: Serving

YouTube: Great are You Lord

Read Mark 10:42-5

Opening Question: Do you ever fight about being first in the car, or first in line to the drinking fountain? Or do you argue about who has the bigger piece of cake?

In the Bible, two of Jesus disciples asked Him for a favor. When he was king, they wanted to sit at his right and left hand. The other disciples got mad. They wanted good seats too. Jesus told them whoever wants to be great in his kingdom should be a servant. Even though Jesus was their leader, he washed their feet. Far more different than other kings and rulers.

Action Step: In the next 24 hours, look for three ways to be a servant to three different people.

Prayer Focus: Thank Jesus for giving his life so that we could live. Ask Him to change us to give us servant's hearts.


week 1

Day 1: Super-powers

Read Matthew 8:24-7
YouTube: My God Is So Big 

Super Question:
If you had any superpower, what would you choose?

When we think about a superhero, the first thing we think about is their powers. Superman could fly. Spider-Man could shoot webs. The Hulk could break things. But Jesus is real. When he calmed the sea the disciples said, "Who is this, if even the wind and waves obey him." Jesus is the Lord. He is still doing miracles today in our lives.

Challenge Question: What area in your life do you need Jesus power?
Prayer Focus: Thank God for sending Jesus to save the world. Ask him to
help you in the areas you discussed.


Day 2: Saving the World

Read Romans 10:9-10
YouTube: I Call You Jesus

Super Question: Who are some amazing heroes in the real world?

Most superhero stories are about saving people. In the real world, we call a person who saves other’s lives a “hero.” The dog who rescued children from a burning building and the doctor who saved your life are both called heroes. Jesus often healed people, but all those people eventually died. The healing only lasted for a while. But those who Jesus saved from sin will be healed forever. No more sickness, no more tears. When it comes to saving people, Jesus is the greatest hero ever.

Challenge Question: What do you think heaven will be like?

Prayer Focus: Find out if everyone in the family has chosen to follow Jesus. If there are doubts, pray about those things.


Day 3: Defeat Darkness

Read Matthew 4:1-11
YouTube: One Way, Jesus

Super Question: Who is your favorite movie villain?

No superhero movie is complete without a villain. Jesus defeated the devil with the Word of God. When you're tempted to do wrong, that's the best strategy. Proclaim God's Word to the enemy.

Challenge Question: What are the hard temptations for kids your age?

Prayer Focus: Thank God for His Word. Ask Him to help with temptations mentioned.


Day 4: Symbol of Hope

Psalm 147:11-14
YouTube: Good, Good Father

Super Question: Can you think of a time when something seemed too hard for you? Maybe a school test or bad experience?

In the movie "Man of Steel," Superman said that the letter on his chest was the symbol for hope on his planet. Part of his mission was to bring hope to the earth. Sinners and sick people all looked to Jesus for hope, and he healed and set them free from their sin. There are times when no person in the world can help us. What do we do? God has promised to be an ever present help in times of trouble.

Question: Who is powering your hope?

Prayer Focus: Pray for each other about any situations your family is facing.


Day 5: The Next Heroes

Read Matthew 4:18 - 22
YouTube: Alive

Super Question: What do you think it would be like to be one of Jesus disciples?

Batman had a boy sidekick named Robin. In the comics, Robin later grew up to become the hero "Nightwing." It makes sense to train new super heroes. Who would be the superhero for the next generation? Jesus did this first. He chose 12 disciples to minister with him for three years.
When Jesus left, he told his disciples to continue the work and make disciples too. These disciples also preached the gospel and training others . We’re here today because people are still obeying Jesus’ commands!

Challenge Question: What can you do this week to disciple someone else?

Prayer: Thank God for the people who lead your family to Christ. Ask Him to show you
who we can share the love of Jesus with.